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    Very happy to say that I'm represented by


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    (646) 357-0842 or via email; victor@maultsbytalent.com, or tisha@maultsbytalent.com


    With my multi-ethnic features and accents, I've portrayed a wide variety of characters, and I’ve written a few things too! It's exciting to be part of the magic that is our industry.


    My screenplay, THE FEARLESS TWO, sequel to The Fearless One, was produced by Royal Family Films and the HallMills Network. Shot last in year in Newark, New Jersey, it will premiere October 24, 2019 on screen in Newark at CitiPlex Cinemas.


    Was an additional writer for season one of JERSEY THE SERIES, starring Alonzo Herran Jr., Chuck Zito, Lillo Brancato, Taral Hicks, and some cast members from Love & Hip-Hop New York. Also have a Recurring Guest Star role as a stern 'FBI Captain' in the series. BEST

    WEB SERIES AWARD winner at the 2019 Hollywood South Urban Film Festival (HSUFF).


    Was the 'Narrator' on a documentary about southern gospel music called THE JEFFERSON COUNTY SOUND, that aired on PBS Television (Alabama) in February. Available now on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Robert Clem of One State Films.


    A short thriller I wrote called KETTLE screened at the 2018 Cutting Room International Short Film Festival (CRISFF).


    Performed in a lively musical theater showcase called BACK IN THE DAYZ where I played a record producer named Salvatore Manastroni.


    Became a member of the dynamic BRAZEN GIANT ENSEMBLE, founded by Christian Keiber and Bill Sorvino.


    DICKINSON (co-star)

    I play a pleasant 'Train Conductor' opposite Hailee Steinfeld and Adrian Enscoe in an episode of the series for Apple TV+ coming in November 2019.


    JERSEY THE SERIES (recurring)

    Back for season two on this indie series as the 'FBI Captain' opposite Eric Roberts who plays sneaky Senator Wells.


    KELOID (guest star)

    Available now on YouTube. I play a grumpy 'Old Neighbor' in an episode of this sci-fi series. Written and directed by Huriyyah Muhammad. BEST WEB SERIES AWARD winner at the 2018 American Black Film Festival (ABFF), and the 2017 Ocktober Film Festival.


    PENTIMENTO (supporting)

    Availble now on Amazon Prime Video. I play an angry 'Landlord' in this touching indie film. Produced, written, and directed by Loredana Gasparotto. BEST PICTURE AWARD winner at the 2018 New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF).


    LOVELAND (supporting)

    Available now on Amazon Prime Video. I play happy-go-lucky camp owner 'Jerry' in this indie horror thriller. Directed by Jeffrey J. Scott.


    MAN AT THE DOOR (recurring)

    Available now on Vimeo On Demand. I play grouchy doorman 'Jerry' in this series produced by Western Independent & Ruzer Pictures. Directed by Sean G. Slater.


    THE PC (guest star)

    Available now on Amazon Prime Video. I play wise cracking 'CSI Sam' in this fun indie crime thriller. Directed by Jeffrey J. Scott.


    THE FEARLESS ONE (supporting)

    I play warehouse owner 'Mr. Santana' in this indie martial arts film. Cameo's by Jamal Woolard, Marc John Jefferies, Khalil Kain, R. Marcos Taylor, and Onyx. Directed by Jamal Hall.

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    I was born in Forest Hills, Queens (New York City) and raised in Corona-East Elmhurst, Queens. As an only child I had a very active imagination, which still helps me to this day in creating vibrant characters.


    I began my acting career in 1989, but left in 1997 to work full-time in the high-paying corporate world. When I returned to show business in 2012, I reconnected with a few pals from my first turn in acting who are now successful.


    One pal, who’s a company member of the LAByrinth Theater in New York, suggested that I participate in the various workshops and intensives offered through LAByrinth for a training experience I would never forget.


    After getting the 'rust off' at LAByrinth, I've had the pleasure to create diverse characters in various film, television, new media, and theater projects.


    Besides acting, I enjoy reading, cinema, tennis, long drives, good food, sports, and photography. I look forward to working with you to help bring your project and characters to life!



    Old Neighbor (guest star)

    Science fiction series.

    Directed by Hurriyah Muhammad.


    Jerry (supporting)

    Horror feature.

    Directed by Jeffrey J. Scott.


    Landlord (supporting)

    Drama feature.

    Directed by Loredana Gasparotto.


    Jerry (recurring guest star)

    Comedy series.

    Directed by Sean G. Slater.

    THE PC

    CSI Sam (guest star)

    Crime thriller series.

    Directed by Jeffrey J. Scott.


    Property Manager (principal)

    Drama series.

    Directed by Lyandre Pierre.


    Professor Gordon (lead)

    Title IX training film.

    Directed by Mark Daws.


    Agent Marcus (supporting)

    Science fiction short.

    Directed by Corey T. Clark.


    Emperor Bajazeth (lead)

    Classical drama short.

    Directed by Dominick Sivilli.


    Mr. Santana (supporting lead)

    Martial arts crime feature.

    Directed by Jamal Hall.


    FBI Captain (recurring guest star)

    Inner city crime series.

    Directed by Jamal Hall.


    Frank Lindsay (guest star)

    Legal series.

    Directed by Lisann Valentin.


    Vern (supporting)

    Comedy short.

    Directed by Isaiah Halvorsen.


    Coughing Man (principal)

    Drama short.

    Directed by Leslie Shearing.


    Video Store Owner (principal)

    Drama short.

    Directed by Patrick Lizza.




    Sequel to the feature, THE FEARLESS ONE. Cody and Kimberly are trying to build a new life together. Samaad has revived the Underground Fights and wants to drag Cody back into them, except a shadowy figure has other plans for all of them.



    A stern woman who may have her own agenda is interrogating a shackled serial killer. The arrogant killer refuses to divulge any information about his crimes, which may not matter in this intense game of cat and mouse.



    After surviving an assassination attempt, a gritty Newark Mayor fights to regain control of his life and the city while saving his son from the same mistakes he's made in the past. Based on the indie feature films; Living With No Regrets, and King of Newark.



    A carefree young woman with good intentions is visiting a crime ridden urban area. She takes a wrong turn and ends up in the middle of a dangerous conflict. She takes shelter and learns that all is not as it appears to be.



    A woman detective, along with a soul reclaimer must stop an errant demon from recovering a long lost power. If used, the fragile peace between the beings in Deash (Hell), Canna (Heaven), and mortals on the Rathe (Earth) will be undone.



    A run down diner in a dying factory town becomes the focal point of struggle when a broken family encounters drug dealers, a drifter, and a ruthless gang on the run. Who will walk away when all is said and done.

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